Although Leo is in the hands of great specialists
and Leo’s parents put a lot of effort into improving his speech abilities,
it is still far from everybody’s expectations.
The reasons seem to be of psychological nature.
Not speaking seems to be a perfect and safe hideout.
Not always worth hiding in, as it seems.
Sometimes it makes sense to get out of the silence
and communicate with the environment.
Thus the lack of progress is neither logical nor harmonious.
Leo’s speaking skills are very selective and related to functionality of speech.
Leo has no problem saying:

- I don’ wanna slee
- I wan a sandwich
- I wan mil’
- I don’ wan to go hom'
- Give me
- Mo (More)
- Still fi mo mints (still five more minutes)

Plus „motoring" vocabulary:
BMW, Mercedes, KIA, Honda, Skoda, tunnel, bridge, parking, gas station,
His favourite phrases are those that can be used as verbal shields:

- I don’t know!
- I can’t!
- I won’t give back.

The rest is silence.

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