Leo returned from his spring holidays.
He was traveling for the whole week,
visiting relatives and acquaintances scattered all over Poland.
Now and then, he slept in a new, unknown bed (altogether, there were five of them!);
he took bath in an unknown, strange bathtub; he dined at a new, different table;
he ate unknown, exotic dishes (Winner schnitzel); he visited new, unknown places;
he spent time with new, unknown (or known long time ago) people.*

He withstood this avalanche of new experiences with patience and smile.
After all, is it strange that something can be new and strange?

Summing up, Leo has again proved that he has the soul and temper of a traveler.

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* Frankly speaking, Leo tolerates the fact that he sits with newly met people at a table
much better than his parents do, who are slightly sociopathic and xenophobic
and will panic whenever they have to find themselves in a situation like that :-)