Leoparents cannot simply take his son on their arms
and set off for a trip into the unknown.
At least for now.
So they take him on visual, musical and culinary trips…
This post will be about food :)))
Leo’s palate is ready to go on any trip,
even to the furthest places in the world, and today!
He’s not afraid of ginger or chilli. Cumin, fennel flower, garlic or masala.
Leo devours gazpacho and dahl, olives and hummus, curry and grapefruits,
capers and anchovies!
He enjoys specialties of Ethiopian,
Thai, Indian, Mexican, Arab, Japanese, Chinese, Senegalese,
Italian and French (…) cuisine.
Soups, pastas and noodles, rise, fish, seafood, meats,
pizzas, casseroles, pancakes, tarts, pilafs, vegetables, fruit, cheese and nuts (…)
He doesn’t like baklava.
To sweet, insipid and blank!
This actually make Leoparents happy,
as they started to worry that Ondine has deprived Leo of taste buds :)))
2013.02.27 P.S. He doesn’t love horseradish either :-)))