Winter is difficult for Leofamily. This is why:
1. Freezing cold.
When Leo breathes in through tracheo,
the moisturising and heating filter (commonly known as a nose) is out of the circuit.
Freezing air goes straight to the lungs.
It is not exactly sure what temperature is too dangerous for us to go outside.
As always, there are differences of opinions (ranging from zero to minus fifteen).
Going too far can lead to pneumonia.
2. If it’s not freezing, then it’s just wet foul weather.
It rains, drizzles, slants down.
It’s dirty, ugly, unpleasant, preserved dog poo is everywhere around.
But these are not real problems.
The problem that is killing us is the amount of electronic equipment
(ventilator and pulse oxymeter) and humidity.
3. Heating season.
The air at home is very dry for a change.
It irritates the already irritated mucosa of Leo’s throat and larynx.
The mucus dries out, clogging the tracheo tube sometimes,
which may cause slight suffocation.
Humidifiers, inhalators and saline solution are in use,
but they don’t always work.
4. Epidemics.
Flus: swine flu, human flu, bird flu, stomach flu…
Tracheo makes it easier to get contaminated,
and for CCHS patients any infection is dangerous.
Lethal, even.
5. Monotony.
Leo spends most of his time at home.
It is against his (and his parents’) will, as they love changes,
being on the move, adventures and open spaces…
The world narrows down in the winter…
There is even less breath.
We managed to go out today.
It wasn’t very picturesque, but we managed,
that’s what counts!