Leofamily reports being back home.
The flight brought Leo lots of joy.
Basel was sunny and charming, the festival was inspiring, moving,
full of great people, the trip on a whole was super nice!

And most importantly,
Leo has once again proven that you can travel with CCHS, even by air.
Well, and Leofamily returned with another statuette.
The film has received the "Denk an mich" foundation award.

The foundation Denk an mich is very pleased to reward a film that deals with daily issues,
impairment, disability, leisure and recreation in a special way.
This film invites us to follow young parents a part way through their life with their Child
- on a path, where the word 'recovery' gets an entirely new and existential meaning.
And in the end the film effects what has always been difficult
in the context of disability and impairment.
It forces us to take a close look.