The truth is that several months have passed
since Leoblog readers have been truly up to speed on what has been happening.
It’s now time for a coming out.


The first line is red and clear.
The second one more so.
It’s redder.
And clearer. 


The doctor confirms the second line is there.
Leofamily is entering a new stage:
Leo will be a big brother. 


Leomom is certain that it’s a girl
She feels a feminine energy
Leo and Lea. Wonderful!
Meanwhile, a battle with breathing pacermakers rages in the foreground.
A fight to get Leo on a plane, a second operation, intensive therapy…


During the test, it’s revealed that we need make a slight revision.
Lea is Teo.
Leo and Teo, also beautiful

- Hello, My name is XXX, I am calling from the Genetic Center at the Institute of Mother and Child.
  Am I speaking with Magda
- Yes
- I have some news for you. It’s not official yet, but we checked your child’s DNA.
  We did not find a mutation of the PHOX2b gene. The child does not have CCHS.



The breathing pacemakers work perfectly.
Teo doesn’t have CCHS!


The fight for Leo’s decannulation continues.
Leoparents want the tracheostomy closed before Teo comes into the world. 


Once I don’t have a hole, I’ll give the snoteater* to the little baby, Leo suggests generously.
* snoteater is a Leo's name for the suction machine


We did it!
Leofamily is on the right path!


But the path begins to veer.
Sleepless nights. The hole doesn’t want to heal.


Leomom notices two changes in her breast.


The radiologist isn’t worried.
- It’s normal! Lactating breasts always have lots of lumps.
Then, she rubs some gel on Leomom, holds the machine up to her breast and stops smiling.
You don’t like what you see?
- No
She says something about working with the gynecologist, surgeon and oncologist (who?? what??).
She refers Leomom for a biopsy and writes CITO* in big letters.
* CITO - latin medical term for swiftly


- You’re not the only one who has cancer while pregnant!!!- a woman yells at Leomom in the hospital waiting room.
“Normally” you can’t get anything done CITO. You have to do it privately.


Leomom has a fine needle aspiration biopsy.
- This sort of thing sometimes happens during pregnancy. There’s a chance that it isn’t malignant - says the lady with the needle in her hand.
And then she sticks Leomom several times with a needle.


Five long days pass.
There's hope / it doesn’t feel right / there’s hope / it doesn’t feel right / there’s hope… 


- Hello, XX speaking. I performed your biopsy last week.
- Yes?
- I don’t have good news for you.
- …
- All of the transformations are malignant. The tumor is malignant.




The horrible diagnostic process and plan for treating Leomom are underway.
Leoparents must make a series of very difficult decisions. 


August 25. Leomom finds herself in the surgical oncology unit.
She emerges cut up, but with a sense of relief -
The source of evil has been removed from her body.


September 3. At 12:05, Teo comes into the world
He weighs 3 kilo, breaths, and is amazing.
Leo is a big brother! 


September 12. Leo/Teomom starts chemotherapy.


P.S. Leomom is in the hands of capable doctors whom she trusts
and is currently undergoing treatment.
Leoparents ask for privacy and that you withhold your calls, emails and questions.
Leoparents have decided to follow western medicine and ask that you do not send information
about magical herbs, diets, therapies, or healers. There will come a time for that.
Right now, we need peace and focus.

We ask that you leave any comments below in the comment section.