Leo is a brave and amicable boy
– he bears all of the fussy measures around him turning a blank eye to all of the disadvantages:
insertion of the catheter into his bronchi,
the washing of the sore place around the hole in his neck,
the insertion of a silicone pipe of the diameter of 5,5 mm down his trachea,
the pumping of air into his lungs, the pouring of saline into them...
He retains his dignity during injections even.
There is only one thing he is not in a position to accept...


Any attempt at enslaving his little hands is tantamount to the attack of hysteria.

To put mittens onto his hands, you must restore to both physical and psychological violence,
and, even if.... he will still remain tough and stubborn and, not caring about the temperature,
he will defend himself till he is blue in the face and, in the majority of cases, he wins the battle...