It was 11:55 pm.
Leoparents had just finished packing.
The next day early morning they were all supposed to go.
To Uppsala.
To have another Leooperation.
- It will be OK - they were comforting each other.
And then a telephone rang.

- Good evening. I'm calling from the airlines X. I would like to inform you that your tomorrow flight to Stockholm at 7:45 am is cancelled.
You can take the next flight, at 4:45 pm. You will be at 6:30 pm at Stockholm airport.
- It's impossible. We have to be in Uppsala at noon.
- I understand. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you a flight with other airlines,
because you don't have a permission to use a ventilator onboard other airlines.

The paper! Again it's about the paper!! The fucking paper, which can be a reason of not doing the operation.
This moment that we were all waiting for, can be postponed for who knows how long.
All this effort and stress will go in vain. Because of the stupid paper, that Leoparents in fact already have,
but it is signed by the airlines X, not Y.
As usual, it is not about safety of the child nor the passengers.
It is again all about the fucking, stupid regulation, the signature, the paper, the formality,
behind which the crowd of mindless and coward martinets is hiding
- though Leomum, and then she exploded!
And she must have been very convincing in this explosion.

- I will try to arrange something - promised the Lady at the phone and she really did, because after half an hour she called back.
- Would it be possible if you had a transfer in Copenhagen?
Yes, it would be possible, so the Lady said she would try to arrange the most important thing: the paper.

Then the Man called.
- You have lied to us!!! You wrote that your child needs a ventilator while asleep,
and now you say he needs it also during the flight!
- Well, it happens that people sleep during a flight (you idiot!!!),
especially when it is 5 am and they are 5 years old - this time it was Leodad who exploded.
- Well yes. Then we will call at 4 am with the information,
whether you fly via Munich (at 6 am) or Copenhagen (7:20 am). With the airlines Y or Z

Leoparents didn't sleep for the whole night.
Twice as nervous.
By the operation and the possibility of cancelling it.
At 4 am the telephone was silent.

At 4:15 am they called by themselves to the airlines.
Of course, there was another Lady, who didn't know anything about this case. And she didn't understand anything. 
You had to explode again, to speak with someone who did.
- Please, come to the airport. Now. We will see what we can do about this - said another Man.
- Now? We should wake up our child at 4 am? Child dependent on the ventilator? Just to see?
Can't you (AAAAA!!!!) "see" this now?

It appeared you cannot.
- It all depends on the worker of the airlines Y, who initially does not see any problems.

So Leoparents woke Leo in the middle of the night.
And went to the airport.
But at the destination, it appeared that the Worker saw indeed some problems.

- I cannot make this decision.
- So why did we come here?
- You have to wait for the specialist. He will be available at 6:30 am.
- But the plane is departing at 6 am.
- But I cannot.
- But we have to.
- But I don't know if you can travel with such a device.
- The ventilator has an official FAA approval. It had been already used on many flights.
- But I don't have an official permission.
- But we have the permission. The ventilator has the permission.
- But I cannot...

Leomum had to explode again, and be unpleasant.
And then she had to stay in that condition for a longer period of time,
to eventually become a bit nicer and listen to many crap advices,
as for example directives of a airlines doctor who suggested to pinch Leo during the whole flight,
so that he would not fall asleep. So that we would not have to use a ventilator.
For the next 5 hours.
- Of course, we will pinch him! - ensured Leoparents.

And then they finally were allowed to go onboard the plane.
Exhausted and angry.
They did not pinch Leo.
They were stroking him, so that he could peacefully fall asleep
and rest after all this stress and almost sleepless night.
The ventilator was on.
The plane didn't crash.
Nobody was hurt.

So can you do it without THE paper?
Yes, you can!