One of the important events, which were not yet presented on Leoblog,
was a vacation meeting of Leo and Mateusz.
Mateusz is a 1.5-year-old boy, who also struggles with CCHS and also some other illnesses.
He has a tracheostomy, ventilator, broviak, stoma. He has also great parents and two wonderful sisters.
You can read about him on his blog: Oddychaj Mateuszku (unfortunately it is only in polish).

Leomum was really impressed by these great people,
and Leo was totally charmed by Mateusz's older sister Hania.
He was even showing off in front of her!
He did things he does not do normally!
For example, he jumped off the stairs!
And with each step, he was checking if SHE was looking at him...
And I guess he succeeded.
Because Ania was looking at him all the time.
And as a goodbye, she spontaneously offered him her little plush dog toy.  

Leo gets plush toys from times to times,
but his interest in them is usually very limited.
But the dog from Hania is something completely different.
At once, he got a name! Leo gave him a name "Lamp".
And then the other plush dog, the older one, who was called just "Little dog" before, felt jealous.
So he also got a name - "Locomotive".
And then it triggered an eruption of new names.
The ventilator got a name "Picture" and the giraffe - "Globe".
And it all became very complicated.
Because if the first dog is called Locomotive and the other one - Lamp,
so how do you call the locomotive and the lamp?
And what is the name of the globe? "Giraffe"?