When you look back at life - you see a network of mysterious connections,
a maze of intertwining and intersecting paths.
You start to see facts and events,
that you were unaware of at he time of their occurrence.
Some issues get explained, other ones get complicated or simply surprise us.

One day Leomom came across a blog.
Right from the beginning she became a fan,
emotionally involved in the life of its protagonist and the author.
She liked Joanna a lot. Joanna, called the Headscarf.

Joanna’s story, just like Leo’s was made into a documentary.
Two stories, two blogs, two films.
The paths of both films have intersected many times at numerous film festivals,
but recently both of them were next each other on the Oscars shortlist.

However, nothing compares to the fact
that the first entry in each blog was made on the very same date, 9 April 2010.
Then the memorable date: 10 April 2010.
Both Joanna and Leomom, completely unaware of each other’s existence, went to a doctor.
Both doctors examined their bellies carefully.
Joanna’s doctor confirmed that she had cancer.
Leomom’s doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.

Both women left the surgery aware that nothing would be as it was before.
There was a beginning and there was an end.
The background to those two facts?
A sound of a falling plane from afar.

It does sound like a film script, doesn’t it?

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fot. Ellen Kooi