- Could you please look at Leo, something is not quite right with him,

said the preschool teacher to Leomom.
Leomom ran up to the room to see him leaning over his unfinished lunch.
He did not eat and his lips were purple.

- Are you feeling bad?
- Yep
- he whispered.
Leomom carried him out of the room.
She got the pulse oximeter out and switched it on.
Leo's hands were icy cold.
His eyes were glazed.
His face was grey.
The readings on the pulse oximeter were well below the norm.
Leomom started resusctitation.
Leo began to faint away.
From then on the events took speed.
Leomom carriend him to another room to lay him down.
The preschool teacher ran to the car to fetch the ventilator,
One teacher brought blankets, another one - febrifugals.
Leo turned icy cold and began to tremble, his body turned…
(exactly, what colour was it?)...transparent greyish-blue.
His eyes were completely absent.
Leomom called Leodad.
Then she dialled the home ventilation emergency number.

- Call an ambulance -
advised the doctor on the other side of the line.

Ondine, from the Leofamily's virtual collection

Ambulance arrived.
Almost unconscious Leo lay down, connected to the ventilator.
He was terrified, and the colour of his face was getting stranger and stranger.
The oxigen saturation reading went up and down madly.
Leo was taken into the ambulance
and it dashed off with the siren on into a well-known place.
The emergency unit at Children's Memorial Health Institute.
Leomom ventilated him with the help of ambu bag.
The doctor connected him to the oxygen unit.
Leo fell asleep.
The saturation began to stabilise.

- Once I transported a boy with a similar condition -
said the life-saver.
And it turned out that it was the very same boy.
Leo reached the clinic in a stable condition.
With a perfect skin colour, perfect oxygen saturation readings and tolerable temperature.
The Emergency Unit.
Familiar faces.
Familiar smell.

The fit was diagnosed as a sudden onset of an infection.
Leo didn't have to stay at the emergency unit.
He did not disappear behind the stell door on the first floor.
Those who have been there know exactly what it means.
Leo returned home in his family car.
He is recovering.

P.S. The preschool team had their true baptism of fire.
They passed the test with flying colours. Thank you!!!!!!