He metamorphosed form "Mr. No" into "Mr. Yes".
It was enough that he mastered this new, magic word and everything changed.
Leo, Leoapproach, Leoworld.
Does he like everything – yes.
Is he keen on everything – yes.
Does he want everything – yes.
Does he agree to everything – yes.
Mister "Yes" gives a positive answer to 85% of questions.
He is surfing the wave of satisfaction, acceptance and openness.
You simply cannot help teasing him from time to time, asking a malicious-tricky question
(yes, Leoparents are pigs).
But Leo will forgive us anyway.
- Leo, you will forgive us, won't you?
- Yes.

PS. And the most beautiful thing in this whole metamorphose is the fact
that he switched his inner clock from 5:30 to 8:45.