Spring has started, and so has the walking season.
It turned out, Leo has changed completely over the year – he mastered the skills of walking and transformed from a scared and over cautious and sensitive child into a curious and sociable boy who loves new experiences.
He is interested in everything:
cars, trams, street lights (a lot!!!), dogs, cats, drains, people…
He says bye-bye to every passer-by (seriously,
with each and every one!!!),
and then he announces to his parents that this passer-by is no longer there (the gesture: it’s not here).
Then he takes two steps forward and shows that somebody or something is there.
And then it’s gone! And so it goes on, every time with 100% involvement.
Walks with him are really time-consuming. Plus it’s hard to finish them. You couldn’t force him go back home even with mules, and every return ends up in tears. Leo hangs on the front door weeping :)
2013-05-06 19.50.04_small