Dear Leoblog readers!
We have great news!

First piece of news:
We're ready for the operation!!
When: End of the summer.
We thank you all for everything!
For your support, advice, intermediation,
participation in fundraising for Leo, and for your kind words!!!

Second piece of news:
Together with Ania, Emi's mom, we are establishing the Polish CCHS Foundation: Lift the Curse.
It's time for us to steer this positive energy towards all children and adults living with CCHS.
We will be active in Poland and internationally,
working closely with the American CCHS Foundation.
Our goals are to find a cure and to lift the curse,
and, until that can happen, to raise awareness, standards of care and improve meaningful integration into society.

We already have a great team working with us,
and we invite anyone who wants to help to join us.

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