Taking advantage of the fact that they have been invited to Italy
Leofamily decided to try
and do what they have been dreaming of
in their hearts for a long time.
In other words: a long journey in the full composition.

And so, after the conference in Rome,
with twenty kilograms of medical equipment,
the three of them set off to Tuscany.
Well, four actually, don’t forget the Doggy!

Anxiousness and fear were soon replaced by euphoria.
It was simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Leo was going crazy with joy.
His enthusiasm, endurance and curiosity
exceeded even the boldest expectations of Leoparents.
He was keeping up with them even in 42-degree heat,
even until 11 at night, at the same time performing model saturating.

And again, in response to all the new stimuli,
tastes, scents, images, sounds,
pure pleasure drawn from discovering the world
and a break from everyday challenges,
he experienced a true developmental explosion.

Explosion. Literally!

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