Medina quarter in Fes, Morocco.
On top of the roof of one of the riads,
in the rays of the morning sun,
there is a young boy sitting.
He is wearing a traditional djellaba.
He is eating dates and drinking tea.
He is reading a book about Islam.
He is smiling.
Seven years ago one Child didn’t want to be born.
He resisted to leave the mother’s womb,
as if sensing that life would not be easy,
that he would have to experience unbearable suffering;
separation with bis parents, physical pain, fear.

And he was right, because thirty six hours of the childbirth appeared to be nothing
compared to what was about to come.

After birth the Child stopped breathing.
The doctors didn’t give him any chances for normal life.
Black, pessimistic visions and words were even worse than the medical procedures.
And the procedures were brutal.
The parents of the Child wasn’t sure, if it was worth to fight,
if the life with the Curse is worth living at all...

It all was ages ago.

Today the the parents of the Child know that it was worth it.
They know they made a right decision.
They managed to get away from the black despair and ended up on the black land,
where they decided to celebrate the Child’s seventh birthday.

They are sitting now together on top of the roof of one of the riads in Fes medina quarter
and they are observing as their son, in the rays of the morning sun, reads the book about Islam.
Sometimse he stops the reading, to instruct his younger brother,
or to tell something to his grandma, who is there together with them.

Leoparents know, that Leo’s life will be complicated.
And probably, all the time, there will be this terrible word “almost”, which would separate them from normality.
But it may be life full of joy and happiness.
Beacuse this is what Leo is like.
Joyful and happy.


Dear Leoblogreaders!

You’ve been together with sun for the last seven wonderful, but also very hard years.
For us you were a great support, comfort and help.
You were/are our Friends.
Thank You for that!

Today we say farewell to You.
Leo is a big boy now. In half a year he will go to school.
He has his own friends, his own secrets, his own little boy problems.
He needs some privacy.
Therefore, we made a decision to finish writing this blog.


It feels strange...


Please, remember about us and sometimes pay us a visit here.
We will post some photos, Leodrawings and information about different events and actions.
We are already planning three big things, which will be addressed to You
and we hope they will deliver you lots of good emotions.

So... for sure we will continue to meet with You.
Only in a different way.

See you soon!


P.S. And who are You? We know that You are all fantastic. But how did You get to know us? Will You tell a little about Yourselves in the comments? We were always very curious about You :)

P.S.2. Merry Christmas !!!

P.S.3. In the meantime we will try to update the previous English posts on our blog. Last year was really intense and we didn’t have to translate them into English.