Leo is tired.
After having a full mug of milk, he starts to cry.

Leodad takes him in his arms, Leo cuddles,
stops crying and calms down.

Suddenly, Leodad notices that Leo’s irises sink into the eye,
Leo drifts off, he’s not in contact, he starts to get grey-blue.
He needs to be taken to the crib a.s.a.p.,
and connected to the ventilator;
now find the pulse oxymeter sensor,
fix it on his leg, connect.

In the meantime, Leosaturation drops to a dangerous level.

Finally, thanks to the ventilator,
it goes back to normal.

Leodad hates Leo’s illness.

He hates it how easy it is to lose him.
He hates that he’s deprived of the intimate moments with his baby,
when he trustingly puts his little head on his dad’s arm and falls asleep…