It was a strange feeling:
to go again to Uppsala, drive the familiar way,
to pass the familiar castle, to go to the familiar hospital.
to go down the familiar corridor, to welcome with the familiar nurse.
To talk again with the familiar surgeon, anesthesiologist and doctor Anders.
Again not to able to sleep in the hospital room.
To fall asleep finally at dawn just to be waken up by the nurse: it's time!
To prepare Leo.
Wash, disinfect, sterilize his bed.
Not to give him anything to eat nor drink.
To take him out of the room with the smile on your face,
that this is kind of funny to ride on a hospital bed through the corridors...

It all took place just recently.
Still the memories of the elevator and the corridor leading to the surgical ward have not faded away.

And then the entrance to the operating room.
Again you have to put on sterile apron, cap and plastic slippers,
take Leo into your arms and, pretending as if it was completely normal, lie him down on the operating table.
And then you have to watch how they inject a cannula into his hand,
and make him laugh, and calm him down, until he falls asleep.
Suddenly and deeply.

And then you have to wait.

It was a strange feeling, after such a short period of time, to again play the same role.
To go to the city again, where again it was raining, to kill time,
to wander around the familiar streets, to drink tea, watch the shop windows,
talk about war in Syria, but having your thoughts somewhere completely elsewhere...

And then suddenly the end of routine.
It appears that this scenario is different,
because nothing really happens exactly the same for the second time.
Now it's another story!

The phone rang!
It was doctor Anders!
The operation was over! The best possible thing had happened - it was the fault of receiver,
you could just change it to a new one and leave Leonerves in peace.
They did just one small cut, the operation has a very small range!
They are now waking him up!
Leoparents rushed to wait in front of the operating room. After half an hour, Leo came out on a hospital bed
- all hot and pink, restless, aching,
unable to find a safe place or a comfortable position.
Like a little pig on the grill.

The waking up lasted longer than before.
Leo ended up at ICU.
He got the morphine and fell asleep, connected to a ventilator and extra oxygen.

He slept for a long time.
And then he woke up.
- I want to draw! - he said and he drew from his memory the whole map of Europe.
He ate a sandwich with cheese and drank some juice.

And then Anders came.
- So, are you going with me to my home tonight?
Leoparents were completely suprised that they could leave the hospital so soon, but they agreed willingly!

Leo had a dinner in a cosy kitchen of Anders and Helen.
He spent the night in a huge bed, nestled between Leoparents and connected to the pacers,
which worked just marvelous!!!
All night long!