Szczyrzyc_0277_1Calmed Leoportrait, 2013

Despite the appearances Leo peregrinations were not of sacral nature.
Leo didn’t go to visit a monastery, or a convent, nor a sanctuary…
But still, it was divine!


Leo, for the first time in his life, has been to the mountains! And it turned out it’s possible to take Him and His equipment and wander on mountain trails. And from this new perspective from Beskidy, the Leoparents’ past trekking trips in Africa and Papua (with tropical mud up to their waists) started to seem rather easy ;)

Moreover, apart from dragging Leo’s equipment around, Leofamily was busy with tracing and documenting tracks left by UFO. Leoaunt has discovered a perfectly round, grown over by strange grass, and emitting warmth imprint in the ground. Seriously!!!

Maybe radiation of cosmic energy will help him to deal with the curse...