Leo spent last week in the theater – he viewed 9 performances!
It was mostly during the excellent Korczak Festival but not only...
Initially, Leoparents were afraid that Leo would be bored,
his breath becoming shallower and the boy falling asleep.
However, this fear soon proved to be nonsensical.
Whenever Leo was feeling bored,
he did not even dream of tormenting himself for at least a second,
yawning secretly, changing the weight on his buttocks, as people usually do...
When Leo became bored,
he simply announced that he had got enough and was leaving!
Having announced this, he cordially bid farewell to all people sitting near him
(sometimes even actors) by waving his hand and saying "bye-bye!".
Fortunately, he was rarely bored.
He became fond of the theater.


PS.1. He also worked out his own "external" way of hand-clapping,
namely – striking the upper part of one palm with the inside of the other.
He will render his applause to others in this external way,
as for applauding himself – he does it traditionally (and quite often).