As soon as Leofamily got to the destination place,
they left most of the luggage
and equipped only with the hand luggage, started exploring the surrounding areas.
(the hand luggage is a backpack filled with:
suction machine, disposable suction tubes, ambu bag, little saline bottles,
tracheostomy tube, pulseoximeter, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape,
pacers, food, water and before-mentioned notebook and a pencil,
which recently became inseparable part of Leo hand luggage).

Because Leo became obsessed with drawing!
All the time he spent with his notebook - diary book,
he was drawing everywhere, everything and it all possible circumstances.
In bed, in a car, at a restaurant, on a beach, on a ferry, at the airport...
Basically, he was drawing all the time, throughout the whole trip, with little breaks for other actions.


All he had seen or experienced,
he immediately had to process onto the paper.
So thanks to that Leofamily came back with double records of the trip.
Photographic and in drawings.
Here is just a little fragment of it:

Leoart, London (St. Paul's Cathedral, Double-decker, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, Leo)

Leoart, "Plane" (Pilot, Passengers looking through the windows and seeing different things, above there are luggage compartments, no smoking sign and seatbelts-on sign)

Leoart "Canadian Flora" (different types of cactuses and agave)

Leoart "Feeding of penguins with fish"

Leoart "Leomum is feeding a parrot" (Leomum, on the right (!!!) has a sunflower seed in her mouth, which she gives to a parrot straight in her beak. Yes, it really happened!!! It was a nightmare!!!) 

Leoart "Travel with the ferry" (Leofamily onboard, a car under the deck) 

Leoart "Underwater" (Leotravel by submarine, you can see a fish and a seahorse through a window)