Can a tiny bit of gauze be lethal?
It seems so.
Especially, in the busy little hands with smart little fingers,
capable of neatly stuffing it into the ventilator tube, then covering it with a filter.
In effect, the ventilator functions well,
the patient is ventilated properly (with slightly increased ventilating parameters).
However, in an unlikely case of tube disconnecting the gauze would absorb all the air,
thus tricking the ventilator's alarm system. Confused, the ventilator would not set the alarm off.
Without the alarm on nobody would know
that the patient is disconnected from the ventilating tube.

And know…
Fortunately, Leoparents figured out on time that something did not tick.
A quick investigation lead to a hidden ball of gauze.
The culprit pleaded guilty.
Promising, that he would never ever suff anything in the tube.
No, he couldn't promise that he would ever do anything like that.
There is no guarantee.
That is, the culprit gave his word,
but Leoparent don't quite believe him.
The convidene place in the culprit is limited.