October is an AAC month.
Augmentative and alternative communication.
Leoparents refused it for a long time.
As it is obvious that Leo is going to speak.
In a short while now! He will start in a few days.
They didn’t introduce baby signs, gestures or pictograms.
To motivate him to speak.
They’ve waited and waited.
Practiced and practiced.
Unfortunately, vocalisation has been evolving very slowly.
A lot more slowly than Leo’s intellectual development.
In the end, Leo began to create his own gestures.
An alternative alternative to an alternative.
Finally, Leoparents gave in to the idea, persuaded by specialists from the Centre for Early Childhood Development.
They bought Leo a binder, made it Leolike (see the photo), and they are starting a new chapter together.
Alternative communication.
They will collect and create pictograms.
There’s no time to wait for words to come.
Let Leo express himself today.
And he has quite a lot to say.