What keeps astonishing and bewildering Leparents is Leo’s culinary taste.
It is probably a consequence of their ground setting work, as Leoparents have spared their son the stage of jarred mashes and pulps with no taste whatsoever, sugary juices and coloured desserts, offering instead the food they had themselves. The effects are amazing.
Nowadays, when Leo is to choose between an olive and a candy, he will have the olive; cake and cheese – he will take the cheese; natural and flavoured yoghurt – he will grab the natural one; croissant with Nutella or a plain one – he will eat the plain one… etc.
He will eat anything, provided it’s not too sweet. If he chooses chocolate, it is always the dark one, preferably 80% pure cocoa.
But he doesn’t mind chilli, ginger, masala, curry.
He loves capers, spinach and dill.
All kinds of fruit and vegetables – in the summer he would devour three to four tomatoes for breakfast.
Cheese – the more mouldy and stinky the better.
I to wszystko popija ayranem :P
He is also learning how to cook... pierogi (dumplings)