Leo is a wonderful, cheerful, obedient, charming and an always smiling child.
Time spent with him is stress-free; it is pure pleasure and relax.
Each day is special, but today was simply fantastic!
As far the emotional development goes, Leo is a child taken out of tables.

– He uses the word no notoriously! – YES
– He reacts extremely to all bans (fury, uncontrolled flinging, screams, hitting, throwing and spitting food, spilling liquids, throwing the food from his plate on the floor, throwing cutlery around, refusal to eat) – YES!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!
– He draws and paints on forbidden surfaces – YES!
– He empties the garbage basket onto the floor – TAK!!!
– He demands all his wishes to be fulfilled immediately – YES!!!!!!!!
– His actions are contradictory:
he destroys his toys, and then he cries because they are destroyed – YES!!!!!!
– He demonstrates the desire to act on his own (Me myself!), he doesn’t let anyone help him – YES!!!!
– He incessantly fights with his parents on every possible field – YES!!!!