It became gloomy.
The pacer stopped working.
One week ago.
And to be more precise, its left half stopped working.
No reaction for the impulse, no chest movement.
Leoparents did all possible tests.
And it all lead to one conclusion.
It was the thing that what was put inside Leo that broke.
The receiver.

The consequences of such damage are severe.
It means reoperation.
The hospital, Sweden, nerves, ICU, narcosis, needles,
cut, wounds, pain, stitches, scars, convalescence.

But it could have been worse.
It could be the nerve that got damaged.

Leoparents stayed in the gloom for a week.
Afraid of facing the facts
or confronting them by quick email consultations.
Because the ones who have the knowledge are far away...

And finally Leoparents received an email from Leodoctor Anders.
With new guidelines.
Yesterday they did a test.

The receiver responded.
The gloom lightens up.
Maybe it will be alright...