In a restaurant. Leo scrutinizes a two-year-old boy in a pram.
- A - the boy shouts provocatively.
- A!- Leo takes the challenge up.
- A!! - shouts back the other boy, louder.
- A!!! - Leo does not give up.
- A!!!! - the boy shouts louder and louder.
- A!!!!! - Leo, limited by his tracheostomic tube, shouts at the top of his voice.
- A!!!!!! - screams back the two-year-old madly.
For a while tense silence falls over the place.
- A B C D E F G !!! - Leo retorts triumphantly, thus terminating the discussion.

Bernini S David Fighting Goliath_bw_web
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Model for the Lion on the Four Rivers Fountain