We’d like to comment on yesterday’s events :)
The truth is that Leoparents - grim pessimists did not expect this to happen.
They had plans for the afternoon and a well-discussed list of arguments
why not being Oscar nominees is a good thing.

Nonetheless, they joined a group of film-makers, potential nominees,
who gathered at Polish Institute of Film Art to hear the latest Oscar news.
The voice on the phone broadcast the news straight from Hollywood.
First they heard about the nomination for Joanna. The crowd went berserk.
And then Booom! like a bolt out of the blue.

- The other film was nominated, too !!!!!!
- someone shouted.
- Which film?
- Leoparents looked at each other.
- „Our Curse”!!!!!! . „Our Curse" is among the nominees!!!!

They can’t remember hat happened next.
The world swirled around them. It hasn’t stopped yet. Everything went surreal.

In the eye of this commotion there is a small boy with a blue toy BMW in his hand.
He is not excited by the perspective of stepping on the red carpet,
or dinner with Meryl Streep, nor the fact that the documentary about him,
shot with an amateur camera by his parents made it to the history of Polish cinema.

Photo by Marcin Kułakowski, PISF

P.S. Thank you for congratulations. Congratulations to all the nominees!!!!!!!