Some time ago Leoparents went away, overseas,
from where each day they called Leo via Skype,
which led him into total confusion.
Something was wrong.
Beacuse when there was early morning at Leoparents' place,
there was later afternoon at his,
when there was light at theirs, it was dark at his.

After the return Leoparents owed him an explanation.
So they made him a proper presentation using a globe and a torch.

Leo went mad with joy!!!!
He understood day and night, light and dark
and the movement of the Earth around its axis. And a polar night!!!
He understood that, when there is a night in Mongolia, there is a day in Canada,
and an evening in Japan, and a dawn in Africa
And he learnt quickly to assess that,
and the theme of time zones not only became part of daily routine conversations,
but also it was used as a strategy of resistance.


Leo is sitting at the table, eating supper.
At one point his gaze falls on the darkness outside the window.
He suddenly bursts into tears.
- What has happened Leo? - Leomum asks.
- I want that the night is now in New York!!! - Leo responds, crying.

It is example of how you can use the newly required knowledge,
to communicate to parents, in a camouflaged way,
that you do not want to go to sleep.