For Leoparets who seldom walk and always run
having to move around with Leo at their side was a lesson in patience.
Leo never runs.
Leo is a slow and meticulous contemplator of surrounding reality,
moving at the speed as the slowest turtle.
He is a living proof that minus and minus gives plus.
He is never short of time, because his time expands according to his needs.
In his timespace there is always time to analyse everything on his way.
For cars, above all.
A walk along a line of parked cars is a real horror to his parents
who are already fifteen minutes behind their time.

- Look, a Mazda -
Leo is delighted;
Mazda has got a logo on the hood,
but it is vital to check if it's got another one at the back.
And on the wheelcaps.
Checking the left side, then the right side.
Yep, there are six logs on a single Mazda.
Centimeters from a Mazda there is a Toyota.

- Look, a Toyota!

It's got a logo on the hood, no logo on the sides or at the back.
Toyota has got two logos and Leo's family is already 20 minutes behind the time.
Next, there is a Fiat, and a few more car models.
They'd better have their logos on,
otherwise Leo will have to be lifted up to peek inside and check the logos on the steering wheels.
Other, elements of the urban landscape are equally fascinating and worhty of noticing:
dead leaves, dogs, pigeons, pigeon droppings, manholes, and pavement patterns.
Leofamily is moving at the speed of five meters per hour.
This generates a 24 -hour delay per week.

If you are familiar with any teleportation techniques -
please share them with us.

Lewis Carrol Biały królik, Alicja w krainie czarów

PS. „Our Curse" was awarded as the best documentary of Raindance Festival in London.
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