Made it!
Last Friday our film "Our Curse" was screened on the Sopot quay,
together with the first presentation of the Polish CCHS Foundation: Lift the Curse,
and on Saturday, as a part of the project Baltic Sea Regatta for CCHS (Sail for Leo), sailors (including one cat!) started off to the sea!

You can follow them by buying a smartphone and tablet application
YB Races (you have to add the track: Sailbook Cup 2015) !!!
- all profit will be used for research on the CCHS cure!!!!

We would like to thank ALL OF YOU, who have had their input in this project being a success!
The company Homework for a magnificent visual identification
(Aśka, Jerzy, Beata – your work has been an absolute hit!!!)
The company Papertrix for print – fast and genius !!!! (Arek! Thanks!!!!)
Orange Kino Letnie za projekcję i doskonałą atmosferę (Thank you, Adrian!)
LaMillou for the presents,
The company KHAKI for adorable scarfs (Paulina!!! They are great)
The company NOMAR for tattoos (even Leograndma was walking around with a tattoo!)
The city of Sopot for all the help and support,
The organizers of Sailbook Cup regatta – for everything
Sailors (hope you always have a foot of water under the clay!!!)
Our Guests (love!)
Foundation Team (Ania, Karolina <3<3<3, Mr Michał Koźnicki)
and the determined, crazy (yes!!) and crowd-moving
Monika Kwiatkowska, who was the mother of the whole project!!!!!!

06 A. Palusińska_M. Kwiatkowska_T. Śliwiński_M. Hueckel__Orange Kino Let...
source: Orange Kino Letnie

You will find a detailed report from that event on the Foundation website
www.zdejmijklatwe.org soon!