Before the operation doctor Anders mentioned,
that people sleeping with the pacers have much better sleep quality, than those using the ventilator.
Leoparents thought that it was great, but they didn't exactly knew at that time, what does it mean.
What does it mean to have a well-rested child...

And a well-rested child, it's a completely new child.
Eruption of energy, volcano of jokes, geyser of ideas.
It's a child frisky and frolicsome.
It's a child running everywhere, climbing up the tables, which was of no interest for him before.
It's also a child more confident, loquacious and giggling all the time.
It's also a child stubborn and resolute!

A rested child behaves a bit like a cat under the influence of catmint.

All people, who don't like the aforementioned features,
should really rethink changing a ventilator into pacers.
But Leoparents are extremely happy!!!
But they still can't stop wondering how it was possible
in such a short period of time.
It's been just two weeks!!!!