Seemingly, he was busy all the time, just playing and not listening....
At any rate, he never listens,
he is always hundred-percent concentrated on what he is doing now.
and even if he listens, he probably does not understand everything, anyway.
So Leoparents talked to each other freely.
- He is fed up with broccoli. Better, give him some dumplings to eat.
- I'll give him six.
- So much!? Give him less.
- Once he ate eight, but usually he eats six.
Well, he will lave some on his plate, if...
- OK, let it be six.

After a dozen or so minutes, Leoparents called Leo for lunch.
He came, he looked at his plate (where his beloved dumplings were sitting),
then – at his parents (with the eye of a wounded deer) and burst out crying.
- What's happened my boy?
- Eight !!!! Not– six!!!!

and he really started to blubber, turning on his heel, refused to eat at all.
No way for negotiations whatsoever.
The argument, that he had just eaten the whole plate of broccoli
and would not be able to eat as much as eight dumplings did not work,
neither did the one that he could get additional two after he had eaten six first,
as his plate would not eight dumplings.

Either eight, or none at all!!!
Nobody is going to ration his food, discussion over.
So, he managed to make things go his way.
He got eight.
and he ate eight.

Screenshot 2014-02-20 17.09.22
Gustav Vigeland, Leo