The first Leo's winter was sheerly infernal
– it was wholly devoted to intensive care.
Leo learnt that he was born to suffer from torment.
He was pierced, pricked, examined, tested;
he had a pipe in his nose and his throat, needles in his veins.
His range of vision was restricted to an ugly ceiling and the only source of light,
lightening the dark of his existence, was a hospital fluorescent lamp.

The second winter was better.
It became mercilessly long in a cramped, dark flat.
Everything was falling apart, breaking-down, not working.

The third winter also passed in that flat.
There were a few catastrophes less but, generally,
Leo looked at the world through the window for fear of exposing his tracheostomy to frost,
pneumonia and the repetition of Winter no. 1.

Today is the first day of astronomic spring.
The fourth Leowinter is now gone. It was OK! Experimental, mild.
For the first time Leofamily did not experience the feeling of being imprisoned.
Leo was going for long walks even when the temperature was 10 below zero
and, even, he happened to go outdoors when the temperature was more than 10 below zero.
And he remained healthy! No frozen things. No colds.
The only infection he contracted was the result of his participation in a huge children ball.
But, this is commonplace knowledge – you always pay with indisposition for good parties.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Zima, 1573