There is a situation like this:
Person A performs moves in space and by doing so changes relations
between Person B/ event and Person C.
To make it more interesting, anyone can influence the moves of A,
consequently influencing the relationship between B and C.
As an explanation have this:

A - Stef Schuermans 29-year old Belgian man who lives in £ódŸ.
A runner. A climber. A marathon contestant.
The following events have already accrued on his account:
Beskidy Ultra Trail, the "Zamieæ" Ultramarathon, The "Harpagan"
the "Kierat" Marathon… and now there is Leomarathon waiting for him.

B – Operation of the implantation of the diaphragm stimulator.

C - Leo, 3,5-year old boy, living in Warsaw. Individualist, Artist. Gourmand.
The following things have already accrued on his account:
Ondine, ventilator, tracheostomy.
And he wants to get rid of them.

Stef learnt about Leo.
He decided to help him in the best way he can, that is – to run for Leo.
He launched the action RUN FOR LEO.
Every step Stef makes, makes Leo closer to the operation.
Stef has already set off! Yet, before that, he created a website:
We invite you to familiarise yourselves with this excellent initiative !!!!!
Stef – Dank je!!!
runner_1473617i Peter Jansen, Runner
Peter Jansen, Runner