Leoblog readers may not know that since April Leo has been on diet.
At the suggestion of his neurodietetician
the following products have been eliminated from his diet:
Milk and dairy products (yes, the beloved cheese, too),
wheat and a few other products. It was an experimental step.

Hard to put into life at the beginning,
as Leo’s family fed mainly on diary products.
In the end it turned worth while.
Leo slimmed down, his digestive problems calmed down and most importantly,
he manages to get rid of the mucus from his tracheostomic tract.

This resulted in fewer absorptions.
Leoparets followed his dietary proscriptions, out of loyalty and out of comfort,
after all it wouldn’t make sense to serve two menus under one roof.
So Leo’s family kitchen turned into a vegetable mill.
Only sometimes, when Leo is not looking,
his parents are led astray and sin in a pizza place.