Leo is exploring his body.

His little hand wanders through his face,
stopping from time to time with a question.

– This is your eye, Leo.
The hand goes further.

– This is the second eye.

– Nose.
– Ear.

– Another ear.

– Chin.

Suddenly, the hand changes its route.
It goes down south, into the unknown… Stop.
Attentive gaze goes at Leomom.
Another, completely new question goes hanging in the air.

– This is tracheo, Leo. Tracheotomy tube.

A moment of deep thought follows.

Little fingers now go to Leomom’s throat.

The hand outstretches in the gesture of “there’s none”.

– Yes, Leo. Mommy doesn’t have a tube.
The little focused face brightens with a triumphant smile.
The knowledge has been mastered, and the horizon has broadened.
The explorer can now return to the more familiar areas
of the already well figured-out questions and answers…