Leoblog Readers do not know about the most important thing!!!
From April Leo is a pre-school boy!
He attends a kindergarten club several times a week!
And he will become a full-time member after vacations!!!
Leoadaptation was smooth as silk!!! In the morning, Leo eats breakfast with children,
and then disappears in the depths of the building to indulge in playing,
education and art. He learns English and Spanish, among other things,
and works on his role of a yellow banner in a play organized for Mother's Day!!!!! :-D
The only drawback of this entire revelation
is the fact that someone has to go to kindergarten with him.
And is supposed to accompany him all the time.
Just in case...
Or if...
Or if... fingers crossed – no!...
Because you can never say with Leo...
So Leoparents or Leoaunt spend their lonely forenoons in the hall of the kindergarten,
crouching on the slipper bench while Leo is socializing.