Leo hates younger women.

All girls born after 16th December 2010 cause him severe anger and panic attacks. 

He proved immune to the charm of delicate Zosia, slant-eyed Bogna, energetic Nina…
The first meeting with Emilka, also older than Leo, had a pretty nasty start, too.
When Leo saw her, he emptied the toy basket and hid inside.
Luckily, resourceful and experienced Emilka handled the situation
and won Leo favours in an instant after all.

She found the way to his heart right on – through his stomach, of course…

First, she fed him with blueberries, then peaches,
and then she came up with cheesecake for dessert.
This way, she made Leo’s belly look like many men’s bellies
sculpted by hectolitres of beer drunk in front of the TV ;-)

photo by Ania Palusińska

PS. But to be frank, Leoparents were actually
worried about Leo’s strange reactions to other children around.
Leo would hide, cry, run away, he was scared.
Luckily, the crisis has been averted – after two weeks of frequent confrontations with his peers,
Leo’s fear attacks changed into acts of slight cheekiness.
(taking away other children’ food, drinks, toys, etc. :-))