Piece of cake turned out to be slightly stale .

Dr. Anders, after fulfilling his obligation scrupulously and heartily,
he went back north, staying in touch with Leoparents by  SMS / email / phone .
According to the initial plan.

Leo, Leoparents and new equipment were left on the battlefield completely alone
(apart from the virtual contact Uppsala - Warsaw ).
Unfortunately, there is no support from Polish doctors.

Leo fell asleep connected to pacer, two pulse oximeters
and carbon dioxide measuring device, and they all alternately beeped till dawn.
Leoparents , according to the instruction given by the Swedish doctor,
were tuning the equipment by themselves and were searching for optimal settings.  

Leo slept a second night connected to the pacer.
Leoparents didn't sleep at all during the second night.
However, they all believe that the situation will get stabilised, 
such a change always takes time.  

Fingers crossed still needed !!!!!