The ambu bag, dubbed by Leofamily "A Blue Pig"
is a rubber object of the size of an average melon,
finished with a pipe reminiscent of a snout.
It has already saved Leolife several times. For instance, recently.
After a several hours of walking Leo got into the car and broke down like a narcoleptic.
Unfortunately, the ventilator broke down with him, too
– the battery was gone. And in situations like that, the Blue Pig always enters.
Infallible as to date. May it be always so!!!
On the whole way home (in traffic jams) Leomom ventilated Leo manually,
using the Blue Pig.
23 presses per minute during 30 minutes plus.
This makes 700 artificial breaths-in altogether.
And Leo slept patiently.
And Leoparents were also patient.
Because the blue pig is conscientious, accurate and friendly.
And blue!

Wim Delvoye, Carpet pig