When Leomom goes to the other side of the river, passing over the Siekierkowski Bridge, and driving through the serpentines of overpasses, something strange starts to happen with her.
Anxiety. Something squuzes in her stomach, she feels sick, her eyes get wet, and the heart is pounding like crazy.
She feels like pulling over and having a cigarette.
33 months ago she took this route for the first time, and then she would take it everyday.
For very long 4,5 months.
And normally she doesn’t remember that time any more.
She doesn’t cherish the memories.
She has risen, shaken it off, and moved on.
She’s in a completely different place now.
But her body has not forgotten.
It takes only a tiny association and each cell of her body is overflowing with atavistic fear that she will be forced to go back there again.
To Międzylesie.