(Report in short, because Leoparents are a bit exhausted)

The pacer was turned on!!!
At home!!!
Leo fell asleep connected to a new device.
He slept the whole night with it.
No problems with accepting the change.
The parameters of ventilation were perfect.
Everything happened under the watchful and carrying eye
of the greatest doctor in the world, dr Anders Jonzon,
who watched over Leo the whole night,
adjusted the parameters
and drew up reports every 15 minutes.
He didn't close his eyes for the whole night!
Everything is working as it should!

Our gratitude knows no bounds
- for dr Anders and all others,
who helped us getting to this moment.

Today Leofamily stays alone with the new equipment.
Without a professional care. 
Today is the first night.
Keep your fingers crossed...
The most beautiful and at the same time disturbing image in the world: Leo asleep. Without a ventilator.