The ward is not a cheerful one.
All newborns. Several dozen of the worst cases in Poland.
The ones that other hospitals couldn’t handle.
And among them, little Leo.
Their everyday consists of reanimations, transfusions, tracheotomies, stomas, catheters, ventilators, IVs, dilations, transplants …
Every second, medical alarms sound.
Other than that, the ward is silent—the children here do not cry. They are unconscious, sedated, intubated, out of touch.
Parents aimlessly haunt the halls. Every so often, a mother runs off the ward sobbing.
And sometimes, a priest comes. And then it’s even quieter.
It was not supposed to look like this...
2010.12.31 ANDY WARHOL, Mother and Child, from Cowboys and Indians, 1986