The team of experts at CMHI takes on Leo’s case.
There’s hope that we will understand the situation soon.

They begin to run dozens of tests. They poke him, run blood work, take x-rays . . .
Unfortunately someone mentions the curse once again. The strange condition where every time a person falls asleep, he stops breathing;
every time he falls asleep, his life is in danger.
According to the doctors, it’s the worst possible outcome; luckily there are other possibilities.

The name of the condition comes from a Nordic myth about the goddess Ondine,
who fell in love with a human, a mere mortal.
The man was unfaithful to her, so the goddess cursed him in an act of revenge.
A curse where, in order for the man to breath, he would have to consciously remember to do so.
2010.12.20 Ondine? In love with Leo?
What a ridiculous idea?!