Because of the culmination of professional events and excess of duties
Leoparents postponed the struggle with the pacer until "later".
Leo has returned to his ventilator for a week. However, the "later" is approaching;
this week - the second try.
The ventilator time has been very creative. Both for Leoparents, and for Leo,
who, as the story goes, one day sat down at the empty sheet of paper and pondered.
"FOR MUMMY" - he said after a moment of reflection,
and then carefully he wrote down the dedication, and finally, he drew an island.
The most beautiful one in the world!!!!
With red soil (Africa?), palm trees, mountains, volcano, sun, castle and house.

Leofamily asks for an immediate transfer to such an island.
Now !!!! For at lest a month !!!!


P.S. And one more extremely important information!!!!
Polish CCHS Foundation Lift the Curse (Zdejmij Klątwę), together with other CCHS organisations from all over the world,
is preparing to celebrate the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CCHS DAY on November 14th.
We plan to do auctions, screening of our film "Our Curse", pyjama party and many others.
All the information will be available on our website and on our Facebook Page.