Leofamily was invited to a CCHS conference in Rome!
The first part of the meeting included screening of the film "Our Curse",
followed by a presentation by Leoparents about the recently established Polish Foundation CCHS: Lift the Curse.
The second part of the meeting focused on the research for CCHS cure.

Leo lasted bravely through most of the meeting.
It was also the first time that he saw the film – from beginning to end.
He commented on the scene showing the exchange of the pipe, saying that he was small and scared then.
But not anymore! Now he’s a big boy!

2015-06-25 11.01.14 copy_web

And after the conference he visited the city.
He turned out to be the best travel companion possible.
He walked around in heat for hours,
just to finish it off by sitting until late on the bank of Tiber.
And he was very pleased with it all!

2015-06-24 20.47.51 copy_web

P.S. We would like to thank the Polish Institute in Rome and the Italian CCHS Association for their invitation!