There are two systems implanted inside Leo.
The right system and the left system.
Each of them consists of receiver, cable and a nerve contact.
Both systems are operated by the external transmitter.
Both systems stimulate the movement of the diaphragm.
One stimulates the movement on the right side, the other on the left side.
The movement of the diaphragm cause breathing.
In case of failure of the left system, the breathing is preserved by the right system.
And the other way round: if the right system fails, the left one is safeguarding.

In case of Leo, the left system broke.
There is a kind of error. Since the beginning.
Something is not working properly inside.
However, periodically Leo can sleep supplied only by the right system,
and safeguarded by the parents and pulseoximeter.


It was evening time.
Leoparents were translocating in the direction of the airport, where on the next day in the early morning they had a plane to the Canary Islands.
They were translocating with all their abundant luggage.
Unfortunately, London got stuck, underground trains were late, the bus hadn't come
and the whole trip lasted two hours longer than expected.
Leo was exhausted after sightseeing the whole day.
His eyes were closing.
And Leoparents had still 4 train transfers to make.
Connecting Leo to the ventilator was out of the question, it would make the whole travel impossible.
Pinching Leo and telling him not to sleep did not work either...

The situation was saved by the pacers.
Leoparents connected Leo.
They put a little pulseoximeter onto his finger.

And Leo fell asleep on the underground.
And he woke up on the next day, at the hotel!


The train transfers were terrible, but they managed.
Leomum carried sleeping Leo from one train to another,
and Leodad - three suitcases and two bags ;-))
Leoparents were exhausted.
It was a nightmare.
A nightmare, which Leo didn't notice at all, peacefully sleeping,
affecting fellow travellers.
- He is sleeping so sweetly! - they were commenting, 
totally unaware that this sweet sleep is so complicated and so risky...

Pacers are fantastic! We have to fix the left side.