Traditionally (3 years do make a considerable tradition)
a meeting took place in the period near holidays:
Emilka, Laura and Leo
– three kids ill with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome = CCHS (their parents including).
Much has changed since the first time.
Children grew up, learnt to walk, began speaking.
They became more communicative, bold, bustling, self-confident.
They have developed their social skills, one could even say (slightly bending facts, only),
that they developed interest in playing together.
Parents, on the contrary – crestfallen.
Under the burden of duties, tiredness, struggles and disappointments.
Well, this is how Leoparents felt about it.
(Maybe, it was only their impression.
Maybe they looked at others through the prism of their own sores.
Maybe, it was only them who were crestfallen?)

Whatever the truth was,
a part of the meeting was devoted to a discussion on the system which was a disaster,
absurdities of management, deficits in health care system,
and what things could and should be like but were not.
Oh! It is wonderful to be able to complain in a company!
Especially that we all found time for a constructive exchange of thoughts anyway.
It would be nice to be able to meet more often
because these few hours leave much to be desired – needs still unsatisfied.