Looks like it's going well!
A will to play and an unwillingness to waste time on sleeping is back.
So are apetite and good mood.
We're working on saturation.

In line with this cautious optimism we share one more piece of good news.
As we mentioned, work's in progress over The CCHS Family Network Foundation.
In July the first event will take place, initiated by actress Monika Kwiatkowska, and Mr Leo will represent it.

How to help?
To support the campaign you just need to join 200 other sailors and take part in the race: sailbookcup.pl/pl/zgloszenia.
For the seasick, we recommend virtual sailing - with finger over a smartphone, and following the race online.
You need to download an app with satellite tracking Yellowbrick for SailBook Cup 2015 for Leo - all incomes from downloads will be donated to research.
Beyond that it will also be possible to buy a scarf to support research: www.plynedlaleo.pl

"Leo-campaign" is still looking for sponsors of SailBook Cup 2015, who could make the event gain an even greater media setting.

The campaign is joined by more and more sailing enthusiasts, media patrons and companies, including Institute for Media Monitoring, which provides an up-to-date monitoring of mentions in the media about this unique event.

Sailing for Leo are TVN, Polskie Radio Jedynka, Radio Gdańsk,
Institute for Media Monitoring, InPost, President of Sopot,
Henry Loyd, Mytshirtdress, Selden,
Naftoport, Ocean Sails, Work Service, Alma press and others.

We will inform about further details.
In the meantime, we invite you to join the campaign on FB -> Płynę dla Leo

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